Cheeseburgers (But not just any cheeseburgers)

Tonight I made cheeseburgers. Not just any cheeseburgers. No, I made bacon, avocado, swiss burgers with roasted garlic/jalapeno aioli on toasted kaiser rolls.

Burgers 035


I started by making the aioli.  I figured one nice, red jalapeno and three cloves would be enough. BTW, the beer in this picture is not the same beer as in the picture above.

Burgers 005


I roasted the jalapeno over a gas burner. That took about 5 minutes, turning constantly.  After it was charred thoroughly, I steamed it in a small bowl covered with a plate.

Burgers 009


It was just three little cloves, so I roasted them in my toaster oven for about 15 minutes. Turning once.

Burgers 014


I chopped the jalapeno and garlic very finely and mixed it with some Miracle Whip.  That was a cheat, but it’s Tuesday and I didn’t have time to make mayonnaise from scratch.

Burgers 016


To make a really good burger, you need 80% lean, 20% fat ground chuck. Fat is flavor.

But my local grocery insists on only carrying 93/7 ground beef.  Damned health nuts.

Burgers 018


My solution is to add several slices of chopped bacon to the ground beef.  Fat, salt and so much goodness in just a couple of oz of pork products.

Burgers 021

That’s not the only bacon going into these burgers. There’s also bacon going on top.

Burgers 022

A burger this epic can only be served on a buttered, toasted Kaiser roll.

Burgers 023

It was too dark to fire up the Big Green Egg,  so I cooked these on my griddle.

Burgers 027

The secret to cooking burgers on the flat top is to get the flat top good and hot and throw on the burgers.  They’ll stick at first.  Don’t panic, just let them alone until they release spontaneously from griddle.  When you can lift them from the griddle without scrapping them up, they’re ready to flip.

Be patient.  If you try to flip them too soon, you’ll just tear them up and make a mess.

If you do it right, you’ll get a beautiful and tasty crust like these boys have.

Burgers 031


I added the cheese (pay no attention to the one with the American cheese. I love my son dearly, but he has no taste in food.)

Burgers 034


And they were ready to serve.  My daughter saw me plating my burger and said I needed a toothpick and one more slice of avocado.

Burgers 037


Next Time

These were very good.  Almost exactly what I wanted.  Next time I’ll just change two things.

The aioli needed more kick.  When I tasted it before serving, it seemed right. The garlic came through without being over-powering and the heat from the jalapeno was well balanced and built slowly to a nice burn.  But when I put it on the burgers, it got lost in the other flavors.

Next time, I’ll double the garlic.  I’ll also double the jalapeno or, if I’m feeling bold, sub in an habanero.   An habanero might be too much, but it will certainly add some flair and sizzle to the burger.

I also made the burgers a bit too thick.  I know, that sounds unthinkable but it’s true.  By the time the centers were a hot, pink the outer meat was somewhat overcooked.

Next time, I’ll make them thinner and cook them faster.



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