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Libertarian Charity

One cliche about libertarians is that we are all radical individualists who expect everyone to  pull his own weight and think that “The devil take the hindmost.” is a good way for a society to operate. This stereotype, like most, … Continue reading

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How the free market would have desegregated the South.

“Would the free market have desegregated restaurants in the South?” That’s the question Jon Stewart asked Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Daily Show a few weeks ago (the exchange starts at 1:50 seconds).  I blogged about that encounter once here. … Continue reading

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Is the “Business Cycle” real?

For over a hundred years, economists of various schools have debated how to tame the “Business Cycle”; the periodic ups and downs of the economy which cause so much irrational exuberance when on the up-swing and so much misery when on … Continue reading

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How to be very popular at parties. Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip.

It may be be the best party dip ever. Cheap, easy, fast and so good that last night it literally made two pescatarians abandon their 20 year old dietary restrictions.  They thought it was crab at first, but didn’t stop eating … Continue reading

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