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Cupcakes and Economics

This blog is supposed to be primarily about economics, with occasional detours into food and other topics.  Thanks to my New Years Resolution to stop eating bad hotel bar cheeseburgers and my new toy, it has veered heavily towards the … Continue reading

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My Little Econmist

♪♫My little pony. My little pony.  Ahhhhhh! ♪♫ When my daughter told me I had to watch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because it would teach me something about economics, I couldn’t resist the challenge. By … Continue reading

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Is the “Business Cycle” real?

For over a hundred years, economists of various schools have debated how to tame the “Business Cycle”; the periodic ups and downs of the economy which cause so much irrational exuberance when on the up-swing and so much misery when on … Continue reading

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