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Double Chocolate Double Peanut Butter Cupcakes

    I’ve written about cupcakes before, but I’ve never posted one of my own cupcake recipes. These are chocolate cupcakes, stuffed with scratch made peanut butter pudding, dipped in bittersweet chocolate gnache and finally topped with peanut butter frosting. … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and Economics Part II

If you read the (rapidly shrinking) economics part of my blog you might remember my encounter with a young Spanish¬†entrepreneur who wanted to open a cupcake bakery in her native country. Thanks to California’s new Homemade Food Act, which significantly … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and Economics

This blog is supposed to be primarily about economics, with occasional detours into food and other topics. ¬†Thanks to my New Years Resolution to stop eating bad hotel bar cheeseburgers and my new toy, it has veered heavily towards the … Continue reading

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