Toasted Buffalo Chicken Ravioli

It’s taken me four tries, but I think I’ve finally gotten this right.

Buffalo Chicken Ravioli 025

Toasted Buffalo Chicken Ravioli with homemade Blue Cheese Dressing.

I got the idea when I went looking for interesting things to put in ravioli and stumbled upon this guy’s recipe for Buffalo Chicken Ravioli.  I thought that looked good, but why boil them? They’re begging to be breaded and deep fried.

I tried a couple of different fillings, just chicken and Frank’s , Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and a combination of chicken, Frank’s and Blue Cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Ravioli 017

I settled on just chicken and Frank’s. I really enjoyed having the Blue Cheese in the ravioli, but not everyone likes Blue Cheese.  Serving the homemade Blue Cheese dressing on the side makes the ravioli appealing to everyone in my family.

I’ll write up the recipe tomorrow. Right now, I have to clean the kitchen and start prepping for tomorrow’s dinner.

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