My Pledge

I posted a slightly different version of this in another forum on April 1st.

In just 60* days, I will reach my 21st** birthday. Taking stock of my life, I realize that, among other things, I could really stand to lose 25*** pounds.

So I am publicly committing that between today and May 31st*, I will not eat or drink any refined carbs or sugars unless I have personally prepared the dish from scratch myself.

That means if I want to eat an entire pepperoni pizza, I can. I just have to start early because my dough recipe takes 10**** days.

There’s a heavy price to this commitment. Unless I cure my own, no bacon for 2* months. I realize me saying I’m giving up bacon on April Fools Day is cause for suspicion. I swear I am as serious as a heart attack.

Another price, my brewing gear has been packed up since before my daughter was born. It would be impractical to get it back out, brew, bottle and age a batch of beer just for this. So I’m going on the wagon for 2* months.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

* Base 10
** Base 26
*** Base 20
**** Base 2

About fzinger

I read and I write. I read a lot and I write when I can.
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