Thanksgiving T-1

I’m a little less than half way done with my Thanksgiving prep.  The turkey is brining.  The fortified stock for the gravy is cooling.  The stuffing is in the pan and waiting in the frig for tomorrow.

Like a good magician, the trick is half finished and the audience hasn’t even entered the theater.

Presented with no (or little) comment, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Thanksgiving Prep 021

3 pounds of stale white bread. Not something I’d usually get excited about.

Thanksgiving Prep 023

This is the start of my brine.

Thanksgiving Prep 024

And in about 15 hours, this will be my gravy.

Thanksgiving Prep 026

The brine is ready to hit the bird.

Thanksgiving Prep 029

Meet the bird.Thanksgiving Prep 032

Ready for the frig and 12 hours of soaking.Thanksgiving Prep 034

Now to start on that gravy.

Thanksgiving Prep 039

50 minutes at 450° F later. Can you say “Maillard reaction”?

Thanksgiving Prep 044

Celery and onions? These must be for the stuffing.Thanksgiving Prep 045

Our herb garden had just enough left to provide the sage and marjoram. Had to buy the thyme and parsley.Thanksgiving Prep 048

12 TBS of butter. We’re going full Paula Deen on this one.Thanksgiving Prep 049

Done.Thanksgiving Prep 052

I’ve never actually made cheese with cheese cloth. But it does come in handy for other things.

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