Cupcakes and Economics Part II

If you read the (rapidly shrinking) economics part of my blog you might remember my encounter with a young Spanish entrepreneur who wanted to open a cupcake bakery in her native country.


Thanks to California’s new Homemade Food Act, which significantly reduces red tape and regulatory hurdles facing  artisanal food makers, aspiring chefs in the Golden State now have an easier path to their own cupcake dreams:

Jacqueline Hernandez, owner of the cottage food business Sweet Escape Cupcakes, exemplifies the law’s impact.

As the Los Angeles Wave reports, Hernandez works two jobs on weekdays and spends her weekends baking nearly four-dozen types of cupcake and cakes at home that she sells online and to local restaurants.

Sweet Escape has been such a success that Hernandez hopes to open a storefront shop soon.

Cottage Food laws are gaining ground across the country.  With many cities loosening restrictions on food trucks (and unfortunately just as many cracking down on mobile dinning), it’s getting easier for creative people to bring exciting new offerings to foodies everywhere. reports.

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