Sweet Melon Pickles #2

The Pickled Sweet Melons I made the other night turned out pretty good.  Toasting the cinnamon and star anise really brought out the flavor.  You get a lot of taste for very little spice if you toast them before using them.

Melons 010

I started with this recipe.  I made two changes. I cubed the melon rather than using a melon baller.  I thought the sweet melons I had were too small to use the baller. There would have been a lot of waste.  Cubing them worked fine, but I should have made bigger cubes.  I did 1/4″ cubes.  1/2″ would have been better.

Also, the recipe calls for rice wine and champagne vinegar.  I’d used all my rice wine vinegar making 5 spice ribs and I didn’t have any champagne vinegar.  Since these were impromptu, I had to make due with what I had on hand.  I thought apple cider vinegar would taste strange so I chose white and balsamic.

Next time, I’ll plan ahead and use the rice wine and champagne. The balsamic vinegar tastes good but it overwhelms the subtle flavor of the melon.

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