Six Days with My Big Green Egg – Day 6

Yesterday was the last day of my Big Green Egg cooking marathon.  One reason I got the Egg instead of a more traditional grill was so I could bake in it.  Yesterday I tried three different pizzas, a traditional margarita, a pepperoni and an Italian sausage and red pepper.

Pizza 001

I used the pizza dough recipe from the BGE cookbook.  It’s a pretty standard dough, 1 cup water, 3 cups all-purpose flour, 1 tsp yeast, 1 tsp salt and 1 TBS olive oil.  I kneaded in it my KitchenAid mixer.  It was still really sticky after 6 minutes.  I added almost another 1/4 cup for flour to make it manageable.

The BGE cookbook says to pre-heat the plate setter and pizza stone to 600° F.  I fired up the Egg and went to prep the ingredients.  The Egg got hot, fast.  It was well over 1000° F when I checked it after 10 minutes.  I thought guys who talked about running their Eggs at 1000° or 1200° F were bragging, like talking about their 300 yard drives.  They aren’t .  It’s really easy to get the Egg that hot.

I let it cool down to about 700° F and started baking pies.  First up was the margarita.

Pizza 003

It took about 6 minutes total.  I checked it after 4 minutes and rotated it.

Pizza 004

Not bad, but I didn’t cut the tomatoes thinly enough.  You have to slice those razor thin or they’ll make the crust soggy.

Then I did the pepperoni pizza.

Pizza 005

It came out better.  Crisper crust and better texture.

Pizza 006

I used Applegate Farms pre-sliced pepperoni.  It was better than the stick pepperoni I had been using.  That stuff was much too salty.

I was getting better at judging when the crust was done, too.  about 6 minutes total, with a 180° turn at 3 minutes worked well.

Finally, the sausage and pepper pizza.

Pizza 007

It was the best of the three.

Pizza 008

My big problem with pizza (everyone’s big problem with pizza?) is getting the crust right.  I just can’t get it stretched out thin enough.  It always snaps back and I end up with little 8″, thick crust pies when I’m aiming for 12″ thin crust, New York style pies.

I’m going to LivingSocial’s Pizza Making class today.  Hopefully, that will put me on the right path.

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6 Responses to Six Days with My Big Green Egg – Day 6

  1. griffinsgrub says:

    If you are looking for New York style crust, check out the recipe on the website Serious Eats. They’ve got a good one and I did it on my blog here:

    • fzinger says:

      Nice looking pie. For pizza, I run my Egg at 650 – 700 degrees. A pie takes 5 – 6 minutes for the crust, by which point the cheese is well melted and the toppings are hot through.

      • griffinsgrub says:

        Thank you. I find that temperature all depends on the kind of dough you are using. Some work better at high temps, some at low. Obviously, you couldn’t do a deep dish or a pan pizza that high.

      • fzinger says:

        True, this is a high moisture dough, so it does well thin and fast at 650 – 700. There’s a joint in Baltimore called Joe’s Squared. They run their oven at 900 – 1000. They use a very high moisture dough. The crust comes out super crisp on the bottom and a texture sort of like African flat bread on top. It’s my kids’ favorite pizza.

  2. Jj says:

    I’ve had good luck with the dough recipe in the BGE cookbook. I found that it rolled easily, although Stuart did lament that it wasn’t really round. I do not remember if I added extra flour. I also froze it and when thawed, showed the same ease of rolling as when fresh. I’d make it again. My previous grill standard pizza dough was from “La Cucina Simpatica,” the cookbook from Il Forno in Providence, RI. The Il Forno dough is more cracker-y and has a heap of cornmeal in the dough. It’s pretty tasty, but cooks differently.

    • fzinger says:

      J. The BGE dough is good, but I’m really happy with dough recipe I learned at Living Social. It’s easy to hand stretch it to see-through. It’s as good or even better than any NYC pizza I’ve had.

      Pizza shoot-out night soon?

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