Six Days with My Big Green Egg – Day 5

Yesterday’s outing with the Big Green Egg was something of a departure. Day 1 through Day 4 were all hoofed critters, beef and pork.  Day 5 was chicken. Specifically, the tandoori chicken recipe from the Big Green Egg cookbook.

Egg Day 5 012

It was both the best thing I’ve made so far this week and the best chicken I’ve ever grilled. My son, who usually avoids any thing except “American” food, ate two pieces and said it was his new favorite chicken.  He didn’t even touch the two back-up hot dogs I’d cooked (in the veggie bowl above) just in case.

Set up, as usual, was easy.  Get the Egg up to 500° F, add the chicken.  Open the Egg to add the vegetables and back-up hot dogs after 15 minutes. Check temperature after another 15 minutes. Give it 5 more minutes and done.

Flavorful, moist, juicy.  It was too damn easy for it to come out that good.

Here are the prep steps:

More Day 3 009

The marinade was pretty traditional: yogurt, lime juice, garlic, chilis, garam masala, cilantro, salt, pepper, red curry paste, and cumin.  I marinaded the chicken over night, so the flavors had plenty of time to permeate the chicken.

More Day 3 010

After that, it was just a short 35 minutes in the Egg.

Egg Day 5 006

I added the veg half way through the cooking time.

Egg Day 5 007

I’d also made an attempt at Naan bread.  That was just OK.  I don’t remember ever having had Naan before, so I’m not sure how it was supposed to come out.  But probably not like these things.

Egg Day 5 012

By a family vote of 3 to 1, this was the favorite dish of the week.

Next up, it’s pizza day.

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