Six Days with My Big Green Egg – Day 1

I got a new toy this week.  A new grill/smoker/oven.  I’m off this week, so I have six days straight to break it in.  Yesterday was Day 1.

BGE and Misc 040

For over a decade, I’ve struggled with a “Cheap Offset Smoker” (COS).  This massive, macho unit looked impressive, but it never delivered.  It was a lousy smoker and a mediocre grill.  It couldn’t hold a low temperature for smoking and its lid design made it hard to use as a grill.


I thought about modifying it to work properly.  After reading Meathead’s 17 step procedure for fixing a COS, I decided to just upgrade.

After a little research and talking with a friend, I went with a Big Green Egg.  What a difference that’s made.  Last night was my first time on it. I made rib-eyes in garlic, shallot butter sauce, asparagus and grilled corn on the cob.  All the food was great.  Everything that was a pain about the COS was smooth as silk on the Egg.

While researching Eggs, my son and I came across the “Atomic Buffalo Turd”, a stuffed jalapeno popper that is legendary among Eggheads. The jalapenos are cut in half, stuffed with cream cheese and little kielbasas called ‘lil smokies and wrapped in bacon.  They are then smoked low and slow for a couple of hours.

BGE and Misc 044

Here they are, ready to go on the grill. But first, I’ve got to fire the Egg up for the first time.

BGE and Misc 049

In they go. The first dish I’ll cook on my new Egg.

BGE and Misc 054

After a couple of hours, the turds were starting to look good.  These were the appetizer for a small dinner party.  I’d invited the friend who turned me on to the Egg over, along with his wife.  He approved of the ABTs.

Once the ABTs were done, it was time for the main course.

First I grilled the corn at 400°.

BGE and Misc 060

Then I took the Egg up to 550° for the steaks.  One really nice thing about the Egg is the thermometer is accurate and the Egg holds its temperature.  That takes all the guess work out of how hot your fire is.  No more “Medium-high fire” or trying to hold your hand over the grate for 3 seconds.  Just adjust the vents and watch the gauge.

BGE and Misc 063

Half the crowd wanted medium, the other half medium rare.

BGE and Misc 064

While the steaks were resting, I threw the asparagus directly onto the grate and cooked it for about 2 minutes.  It came off nicely grilled with distinct char marks and nice smokey flavor.

BGE and Misc 065

Here’s the whole meal.

BGE and Misc 067

Time to eat.

Menus for the rest of the week are Asian Pork Ribs with stir fried vegatables, Pulled Pork, Braised and Grilled Pork Belly (I like pork. Sue me), Tandoori Chicken and Pizza.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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